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5 Items Under 25 Dollars That Will Transform Your Dorm

Adjusting to dorm life can be hard. After a stressful day of work or school, you should be coming home to a space that feels relaxing, comfy, and perfectly you. But decorating can be expensive and time consuming, and on a college budget and schedule, having a perfect living space just isn’t always realistic. Don’t worry, though, because  the items in this list are the perfect things to upgrade your dorm and make it the space that you deserve.


Putting a potted plant or succulents on your windowsill is an affordable and easy way to make your dorm feel like an outdoor sanctuary. Indoor plants not only create a great aesthetic and atmosphere for your space, they also have been proven to remove toxins from the air as well as decrease stress! Plants are now super easy to buy online, and websites like TheSill.com have filters to help you decide what plant is perfect for your budget and your space!  

Small Snake Plant Zeylanica, The Sill ($14.00)

Indoor/Outdoor Golden Pothos Air Purifying Plant, Amazon ($19.99)

Floor Pillows

Floor cushions and pillows not only provide a ton of extra seating for when you entertain friends, they can also add some much needed color and cozy vibes to a dorm room! They come in all different colors, shapes, and sizes, and are an instant way to make your dorm the best spot to chill. 

Mainstays Chenille Square Pouf, Walmart ($25)

Lanlan Square Floor Pillow, Amazon ($13.23)

String Lights

String Lights might just be the most cliché dorm decor item out there, but it’s for a reason, They are a perfect way to replace harsh, bright dorm room lighting with low, soft light that will make your room feel automatically cozier and more inviting. You can also clip photos to your string lights for a personal touch!

LED photo clip string lights, Amazon.com ($10.99)

Contact Paper

Contact paper is decorative, adhesive paper that you can use to upgrade any surface in your dorm. It comes in a roll form, so you can cut it to fit anywhere! You can put contact paper on your desk, drawers, bedside table, or even as removable wallpaper to personalize your dorm!

Marble Contact Paper, Amazon ($8.99)

Red Bubble Art Prints

Red Bubble is a website that allows independent artists and designers to share their products with the world! Their art prints are super affordable, and there’s such a large variety of prints that you’ll be sure to find one that fits your vibe! You can find abstract art, nature photography, or even posters from your favorite movie or band,all while supporting independent artists from around the world!

Sunflower Art Print, $9.75

City Sunset Art Print, $13.85

There you have it, ladies! These 5 things will be sure to spruce up your dorm in no time and make it the perfect spot to hang out with friends, study, or just decompress from a stressful day. The best part is that you can buy them all online from the comfort of your bed! 

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