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5 Easy Ways to Declutter

Staying organized can be difficult especially when you have an extremely busy schedule. These are some simple things that I do to try and stay organized even if I am not able to clean every weekend. 

Throw Away Trash and Donate/Sell Things

Throw away things that are empty. Start throwing away those empty plastic water bottles and start using a reusable one. This will help you save the planet as well as not hoard water bottles anymore. Throw away old makeup and hair products. Throw away the things that you will not use anymore and that cannot be used by other people. Donate the pile of T-shirts you are not going to wear. Give away those jeans that do not fit anymore. Everything you do not wear or need, you could try and sell them if they are in really good condition.

Put Things Away

Put things back where they belong. Make a drawer for your makeup or skincare products.  Do your laundry and put all of your clothes back in the right spot. Put away all of the things that are covering your desk and make a space where you can actually do work.

Storage Units

Instead of having thousands of things just laying on your floor, get some storage bins. Grab a bin and make just for belts or socks. You could put these bins in your closet or underneath your bed. I use mine to store things like winter clothes because the weather is getting warmer. Also get a shoe rack, so that you do not just have shoes everywhere and this will make it easier to find them.

Don’t Buy Things You Already Have

If you have a wallet that works fine and is not broken then you do not need a new one. You do not need four different kinds of hairspray. Having too much of the same kind of things adds to the clutter and makes things feel unorganized.

Color coordinate and Decorate with a Label maker

Color coordinate your closet. Make all of your purple T-shirts in one section. Make it look like a rainbow or at least aesthetically pleasing to look at. Put all of the same colored markers or pens in the same container. Label the bins so that you do not need to pull out the bin to see what is in it.

When the atmosphere around you is organized it creates a sense of calmness within you. If your room is cluttered and unorganized, it makes you feel like you're unorganized which creates unnecessary stress.

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