3 Tips to Help Navigate Halloween as an Introvert

Whether you are going out to a party or doing homework at your dorm –because Halloween falls on a Thursday this year–, you may feel an uncomfortable pressure from the Halloween Holiday. Here are 3 tips to help you through the night or surrounding days as an introvert. 

  1. 1. Going to a party? Plan an “escape route”…

    I usually decline going out with people by saying “I’m a grandma and usually go to bed early” (sorry to any grandmas out there if that is disrespectful). BUT, additional to that truth of me wanting to sleep more, I also have learned I get social anxiety, I get carsick in Ubers often, and I feel stuck when I am out with people far away from home without my own car or if it is too late to walk home. So, I usually just don’t go out. 

    Some things to try: A) Just go to the pre-game (it’s usually closer to your house AND usually way earlier in the night). B) Plan a phone call with your best friend (or your mom — who might be your bestie anyway) and tell your party friends something like “I’m meeting up with a friend later.” … no one has to know that it isn’t an “in person” meet up. If you are having a good time, then text your friend or mom to cancel your little call, and enjoy! If your party friends ask, say your plans changed… C) Talk with a friend before the party who is introverted too. See if you guys can leave early together and share the cost of the Uber. 

  2. 2. Want a night in to yourself WHILE still celebrating?

    If you are an introvert, you probably love time alone (or a good one-on-one sesh). Whether your night-in celebration is you by yourself, you and your roommate, or you and a good friend, you can craft it up and carve the night away. Check out some of these fun Halloween CraftsSpooky DrinksWitchy MoviesFinger Foods

    Throw on a nostalgic movie, get kickin’ on some crafting, and put some yummy treats in the oven… I might even be inclined to tell you to get yourself a HUGE bag of Halloween Candy and put it into a pillow case… I won’t tell anyone if you don’t!

  3. 3. Being honest about who you are…

    People will surprise you. If you are confident about yourself and the things you say, people usually don’t give you too much crap! Are you nervous about people asking you, “What are your plans for Halloween?!” I kind of am… I normally might be nervous and say, “Oh I don’t know, I’ll have class then I’ll probably go home and catch up on some homework — I’m swamped lately!” Although that is probably a huge truth for a lot of people, if you feel you are just saying that because you want to have an “excuse”, then try being upfront and proud of your plans to do introverty things!

    Could you imagine though what would happen if you said something like the following? “I am going to throw myself a tiny Halloween Party! I’m going to make crafts, watch a fun old movie, and eat some Halloween Candy!” If I heard that, I’d be like, “Dang! That’s such a fun idea. I might do that too. How cozy!” 

Own who you are. Like what you like. Be confident in your decisions. And HAPPY HALLOWEEN, ladies!