3 Outfit Ideas for Your Graduation Party

For a lot of us, graduation is right in front of our eyes. We have to think about crazy things like … you know… just our entire future. HERE is a quick list of graduation party outfit ideas, to take one thing off your plate. 

With each of these handpicked outfits from Rize Boutique (selected and approved by founder of Fashion Buddy App, Lindsey Smith), you know you’ll be in good hands.

Weather appropriate:

If you think you might be a sweaty mess trying to look cute during this spring/summer event, you may want to try the cute flowy option at Rize Boutique’s store. Enjoy the breeze, my friend. 

Striped goddess: 

Okay. Have you noticed the amazing amount of striped pants on the scene these days? We have. This cute and flowy jumpsuit will have you dance-ready and criss cross apple saucing (meaning you can sit anyway you like and not worry about flashing anyone like if you were in a dress … is that just me?). 

Color blocking: 

With this last piece, we see some nice color blocking that still holds fun textures. That fabric tie around the waist has been a 2018/2019 hit and these shorts have got it going on. 

Why Fashion Buddy? 

Lindsey Smith, founder of Fashion Buddy App, is passionate about helping people feel more confident. She has found that for a lot of people, feeling good on the outside helps you feel good on the inside. Her app allows users to upload outfit choices and get anonymous votes. The app is kind to all and just might be your new little ‘buddy’. 

Why Rize Boutique? 

The two Temple grads, Lil and Tor, have had the entrepreneurial spirit for quite some time. Even a quick look on their ‘About Us’ page from their website will show you that these girls have a need to create and share with the world. We hope you’ll find some great new threads at Lil and Tor’s boutique. 

Also, Lindsey loves this store! So how could we not rave about the Fashion Guru's suggestion?


Good luck to you on your graduation and have fun at your parties! We are proud of your hard work. YOU MADE IT!

The app, Fashion Buddy, let’s you upload pictures of your possible ensembles to have anonymous (and kind) voting on your outfit. “Wear with confidence!” Want to try it out? Find out more about Lindsey’s awesome app with this free download!