23 Reasons to Join Her Campus Drexel

Have you read our articles and wondered if the Her Campus Drexel team is really as amazing as it seems? We assure you, we’re pretty freakin’ awesome. But if this little spiel hasn’t convinced you, read on to see why joining HCD is one of the best choices you can make while at Drexel.


1. You get a voice on campus.

2. You have an outlet to express yourself.


3. You can write about whatever you want (as long as it’s interesting).  


4.You experience the bond of sisterhood (but without the dues).


5. You meet people with similar interests and who are even from different colleges than you.  


6. You always get free stuff!


7. You produce a plethora of writing samples to flaunt in an interview when you go on co-op.


8. You provide your parents the ability to boast about your accomplishments (and see that you’re still alive).


9. You leave your comfort zone.


10. You build up your resume.


11. You become a published author.


12. You make someone else feel special by interviewing them.


13. You have an excuse to talk to and interview the cute boy in class for a Campus Cutie.

14. You know everyone else on the team actually cares about the work, unlike some (all) group projects.


15. You develop skills as a serious writer.


16. You practice your writing skills even after all your English requirements have been filled.


17. You discover new places to write about.


18. You become social media famous from your articles.


19. You earn recognition on campus (from strangers!).


20. You prepare yourself for deadlines.


21. You help your readers.  


22.You learn more about Drexel.


23. You work on a team full of amazing, attractive, and supportive girls who want you to succeed.

So, if you're interested in joining the AMAZING team behind Her Campus Drexel, send an email to [email protected] to find out more information!