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2018 Last Minute Halloween Costumes

You might just find these pieces lying in the back of your closet or on a hanger right in front of you. Take a look at these six looks for your Halloween look this year. No time? No biggie.


1. Biker chick

Image Courtesy of efrosyniii

Black, leather, silver detail, everywhere. Grab your bandana and leather jacket. This look can be dressed up or dressed down in so many ways. Platform black booties, ripped jeans, and an edgy belt will also complete this look. Express your makeup in a smoky, dark color story. If you want to go the extra mile, add some childhood adhesive tattoos. Add some props and be the baddie you always wanted to be. Get your friends on this easy costume idea and roll up to the party sons of anarchy style.


2. Burglar

Image Courtesy of Sarah Sherman Samuel

We love a quirky, fun, and easy costume. A simple pair of leggings or black jeans, black shoes, and your striped shirt are the essentials for this costume. Really complete the look by making your own mask. Blogger Sarah Sherman Samuel made her DIY mask by cutting reusable bag fabric. Attach an elastic or ties, and there you have it. Ditch your cross-body purse and carry your belongings in a makeshift pillowcase bag. Sharpie that dollar sign and it’s your new makeshift bag!


3. Deer

Image Courtesy of leighannsays

This costume is all about the makeup. Look up the numerous tutorials on YouTube, where makeup vloggers use a variety of looks, brands, and tools to make them into the cutest Bambi you have ever seen. Costume? Easy enough. Go through your wardrobe and find the most neutral of neutrals. If you have any white fur or teddy bear jackets, throw it on! Don’t have a set of fake ears? YouTuber Leighann bundles her hair into oblong buns to emulate the final piece that finishes this look.  

4. Pirate

Image Courtesy of Elite Daily

Argh, this is my favorite to dress up as this Halloween. Puffy blouses, flare jeans, and bandanas? Sign me up. With similar pieces from the biker chick, spice up this persona in your own way. Want an excuse to wear your glitziest jewelry on? Layer up not with clothing this time but jewelry! We’re a sucker for layered chains and bangles that add to the pirate vibe.


5. Hippie

Image Courtesy of Sunglass Spot

We all know where this one is going. Flowy, flowers, fun. Gather all your Free People and Urban Outfitters pieces, and let’s call this a day. We are loving the hippie look with all its glory. This one would be the easiest to pinpoint in a crowd, and in a good way! Wear your trendiest circle sunnies and wear them. All. Night. Long.


6. Sugar Skull


Image Courtesy of Diy Joy

Lastly, yes, this involves some makeup expertise, but not too much! Get yourself some eyeliner and a colorful eyeshadow palette. Add some face glitter and you are all about the Day of the Dead. Clothing-wise, either go all white or black to emulate a skeleton vibe. Add some fake lashes, and make those eyes pop…Okay!?


Zara Barrett is a Design and Merchandising student at Drexel University. She loves all things fashion, beauty, and health.
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