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Halloween is right around the corner, but midterm exams are already here. If you have just as much homework as I do, you might not have too much time to prepare a costume for this Halloween. However, if you still want to have some Halloween feeling this week, you can try one of these fun nail designs!

Blood & Violence

If you like dark red or watching CSI, you might want to consider one of these 4!

1. Dripping Blood

Image Courtesy of StylesMod

2. Crime Scene

Image Courtesy of FashionLady


3. Teeth

Image Courtesy of Brit + Co

4. Bloody Skulls

Image Courtesy of Neuno

Black Cats

If you’re a cat person, these 3 designs are for you!

5. Sneaky French Cat

Image Courtesy of Brit + Co

6. Green Eyes

Image Courtesy of Pinterest

7. Purple

Image Courtesy of PopSugar


These 3 ideas are for you if you can’t imagine Halloween without pumpkins or pumpkin spice latte.

8. Pumpkin field

Image Courtesy of StayGlam

9. Orange & Spooky

Image Courtesy of Live It Beautiful

10. Carved Pumpkins

Image Courtesy of Pinterest


Halloween doesn’t have to be all dark and spooky. Have some color on your fingertips while the weather outside is becoming more and more grey.


11. A party of Mummy, Vampire, Frankenstein & Ghost 

Image Courtesy of Pinterest

12. Spooky Pastels

Image Courtesy of Pinterest

13. Rainbow Eyes

Image Courtesy of For Creative Juice

Black & White

You can never go wrong with classics. In this case: spiderwebs and skulls.


14. Minimalist Spiderwebs

Image Courtesy of So Nailicious

15. Simple Skull

Image Courtesy of Cute DIY Projects

Having cute or spooky nails will definitely help you enjoy the season more, so take some time for yourself and try one of these out! Even if you’re taking the hardest exam on October 31, have a great Halloween!

Alise is the President of the Her Campus at Drexel chapter. She is a senior studying Entertainment & Arts Management and hopes to work in the management of cultural organizations in the future. She is an international student from Latvia and loves traveling, photography, and dogs.
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