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11 Thoughts a Humanities Major has in their Required Science Course

When you enter college as a humanities major, you expect to put your science education behind you. However, many colleges require humanities majors to still take science courses to complete their degree. You might not hate science or even struggle at it, but it’s still not what you want to study. But, you have to do it. Here are 11 thoughts you’re probably going to have during your required science course.

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1. How do you use a calculator again?

I don’t use calculators anymore. How do you make the numbers tiny? How does PEMDAS work on the calculator? Which button automatically multiplies things by 10?

2. Do I really have to memorize those numbers and formulas?

Yeah, I can memorize vocabulary and the information from long passages that I’ve read, but the only time I mess with numbers now is when I’m trying to figure out my weekend budget. 

3. Wait, so a thesis paper isn’t 30% of my grade?

I can’t even remember the last time I took a class that didn’t require a long thesis paper.

4. What is the point of doing a lab report on an experiment that didn’t even work?

There’s nothing more depressing than writing about all of your failed attempts at being scientific…

5. How long do I have to study for this test for??

Do I have to know everything perfectly? What kind of questions are even in a college science course? I don’t even know the last time I’ve taken any kind of “multiple choice” test.

6. I have no motivation to do this.I should be writing thesis papers for my other four major-specific classes right now.

7. Why am I required to do this again?Why did my college make this a requirement??

8. What is the professor talking about right now?

I’ve never been so lost. 

9. Huh, actually, that’s kind of interesting…

Rarely will a topic of interest ever arise when it comes to a science course you don’t want to be in.

10. …okay, so maybe some of this stuff actually is really cool to know…

But, then you realize that maybe some of the things you learn might be useful one day.

11. …and I’m lost again.

In all honesty, science is cool, but that’s not what humanities majors signed up to study, so it can be kind of a culture shock. But, in order to get a “well-rounded” education, sometimes colleges decide that you have to get a taste of everything. 

Even though you might dread heading to your science courses, know that it’s perfectly fine and normal to branch out and learn about different subjects that someday you might need to know about. So, put on a brave face and focus on how educated you will be at the end of your requirements!

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