10 Things You Need to Have in Your Beach Bag

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Spring term is rapidly approaching an end and that can only mean one thing: summer. While we may not have an extended summer vacation like most schools, we do have a week before summer term starts to soak up the sun. Even if you’re on co-op, there’s always time for a weekend trip to the shore! No matter what, a beach day is probably in your future. Here’s what you need to have in your beach bag!


1. Vera Bradley Towel

The number one thing you’ve got to have is a beach towel! Whether you’re using it to sunbathe on the sand or dry off after a dip in the water, a beach towel is essential. Make a bold statement with this adorable pink paisley pattern!


2. Vera Bradley Wallet

As girls, we understand the sheer joy that comes along with matching our accessories (especially our underwear). So, why not score a VB accordion wallet that matches your towel? Keep your ID, credit cards, and cash protected from the sand and water in this adorable multi-compartment wallet.


3. Vera Bradley ID Case

If you don’t like to carry around a wallet, there’s always the option of hanging this adorable ID case on your lanyard or keys! There’s a laminated pouch that’ll keep your ID dry and there’s enough storage to throw a couple bucks inside for the concession stand!


4. Monthly Gift

Sometimes our beach trips don’t always fall on the best days of the month. Luckily, these monthly gifts have everything you need to make the best out of a less than ideal situation including liners, tampons, pads, and even emergency chocolate!


5. AZO Cranberry Gummies

Skimpy bikinis and sandy cheeks can occasionally lead to getting sand in places where it’s not meant to be. Make sure everything in the bikini area is well taken care of with these yummy gummies that promote urinary tract health!


6. Brappz

‘Tis the season of strapless bikinis! But nothing’s worse than having a nip slip after being hit by a wave. Brappz are a fun, fashionable way to make bikini straps cool again (the tan lines will be well worth it).


7. Camelback Thermos

Ditch the plastic cup that’ll cause your ice cubes to melt in sun and keep your iced coffee nice and cool on the beach with this thermos.


8. Pure Silk Shave Cream

Okay, maybe you don’t need this in your beach bag but you’re definitely going to need it before you slip on that itsy bitsy bikini! Look great, feel great, and smell great with this raspberry-scented shave cream! It’s also got aloe which will help soothe your sunburn (unless you wear sunscreen, of course!).


9. Spots Luggage Tag

If you’re lucky, your beach day will be a beach week in which case packing a suitcase is necessary. In that event, you’re going to need to tag your luggage! Also, if you’re looking for somewhere inexpensive to stay, Spots may be for you – it’s a home-sharing app that allows you to find other college students’ vacant apartments to stay in for much more affordable rates than hotels.


10. Her Campus Guide to College Life

You can’t have a beach day without a good read! What better way to pass the time while catching the sun’s rays than by learning about how to manage relationships and stay safe, healthy, and stress-free during the best years of your life?


Grab your sunnies and tanning lotion because this beach day just got a whole lot better! Enter our giveaway for a chance to win all of the goodies mentioned above. HAGS, collegiettes!