10 Things You Need To Do With Your Last Summer

If you just finished freshman year, then you know what lies ahead of you: Your Last. Summer. Ever.

The season itself will come back each year until the world ends, but unlike your high school friends, this will be the last time you have “summer break.” It’s those three months of freedom when the sun is warm and the sand is hot. It’s a few weeks for vacation, for catching up with old friends at your old haunts, for doing NOTHING.

You’ve got one of those left, new sophomores. Here’s what to do with it.


Ok, so this one is pretty obvious. You’ve been working your butt off all year and the first thing you’re going to want to do is rest – and you should! When you go back to school in the fall, you’ll be beginning a three or four-year, 24/7 journey to earning your degree. You should take time to recharge this summer, because you’ll need it in the future.

See Your High School Friends…

You’ve already experienced a winter break and a spring break, so you already know that Drexel’s break weeks rarely match up with our friends’ from other schools. You miss your friends and you’re excited to see them, so make sure you do! Catch up, swap stories, and make new memories that you can carry with you back at school when you may not be able to see them for a while.

…And Your Family

The same goes for your family. If you live close enough to visit for the holidays, you know those breaks are busy times where you barely get a second to breathe, let alone spend quality time together. Use this summer to get to know your parents and siblings. After months of being apart, everything you dislike about living at home you will now LOVE and you’ll want to get reacquainted with your fam.

Go On Vacation

While Drexel leaves breaks between terms, it’s often hard to get away for a short period of time – plus when you do get a break you’d rather sleep than travel. Take a trip this summer! It doesn’t have to be far. Go to a new, close-by town for the weekend. Take a day trip to the beach. Pretend you’re a tourist in your own town. Either way, take some time for new, relaxing experiences.

Get a Hobby

That thing you always want to do during school but never find time to do? Do it now! Whether it’s painting, learning a new instrument, writing your thoughts in a blog, or crafting, make sure you do it now. You know how easily the term gets away from you, so find a hobby to explore this summer. Doing what you love helps you grow as a person.

Read for Fun

Between exams, textbook readings, study guides, essays, and lab reports, the writing and reading you do during class time is rarely the kind you want to do. Pick up a book to read just because you want to read it. There are no limits here. Whether you pick “Fifty Shades of Gray” or “The Picture of Dorian Gray,” no one can judge your summer reading list.


No, running from class to study group to student org meetings does not count as exercise. Again, you know how quickly the Drexel term goes. It rarely leaves time to get fit. Creating an exercise routine for yourself over the summer – and sticking to it – will not only get you ready to tackle fall term, but you’ll be more likely to keep it up once classes start again.

Get a Job

With co-op ahead of you, getting a job is probably the last thing you want to spend your summer doing. However, having any job on your resume heading into co-op season gets you ahead of the pack. Having an internship over the summer is a major plus, but even a lifeguarding gig shows employers that you weren’t lounging about all season.


Now that you officially have one year of college under your belt it’s time to reflect. What did it mean to you? Was it everything you thought it would be? Are you happy with your program and your social life? If not, what can you change for next year to make it better? Taking time to answer these questions can set you up for an amazing next few years at Drexel.

Think About the Future

You should have an idea about whether you’re on the right academic and career path by now. If you love your program, start researching post-grad options. Should you be planning on grad school? What kind of co-ops will help you land your dream job? If you’re not so in love, what is missing? Maybe you need to switch majors or consider other career options. Thinking about where you’re going now can keep you from wasting a few years on the wrong path or help you excel at the right one. Having a goal to daydream about will come in handy when you’re feeling burnt out by winter term, too.

The moral to this story? Use your last free summer to recharge, to get back in touch with yourself, and to prepare for your future. Drexel is a tough, fast-paced school (which we’re sure you already know). Using this free time wisely while having fun will assure you a successful college experience!