10 Essentials for Long Flights

Now that it’s approaching the end of the school year, many people are getting ready to take long trips home or for a summer vacation. Here are some essentials for being prepared and avoiding boredom on long flights.

  1. 1. Headphones

    This one’s obvious. Most people can’t even go outside their house without their music. Make sure you downloaded all the music you usually stream.

  2. 2. Hand Cream/Lip Balm

    Due to the high altitude, it’s common for the dry air to affect your skin. Make sure you’re prepared by keeping lotion and chapstick to stay moisturized.

  3. 3. Neck Pillow

    Any comfortable travel sized pillow is key to being comfortable on a long flight. This is important especially if it’s night time at your place of arrival, as you should sleep according to the time zone of your destination to ease the jet lag.

  4. 4. Downloaded Movies

    Since you can’t stream on the plane, make sure you prepare beforehand by downloading movies and shows on Netflix.

  5. 5. Snacks/Gum

    Airplane food is not enough! Flying can be stressful and uncomfortable enough; the least you can do for yourself is make sure you’re not hangry as well.

  6. 6. Cabin Socks/Jacket

    Not only because it could get cold, but it’s not uncommon to get a little bloated on long flights. Compression socks can help with any swelling.

  7. 7. Book

    It’s not a bad idea to give your eyes a rest from your phone/laptop screen .Pick something that will keep your attention and be hard to put down; time will fly by! If you're into something thrilling, try a classic Steven King novel, like It or Carrie. If you want something more romantic, try a Nicholas Sparks novel, like The Notebook or Safe Haven.

  8. 8. Medications

    You never know when you could get nauseous or get a headache, so make sure you prepare. Also, make sure you have your birth control in your carry-on if the time you take it lines up with the time you’ll be in the air.

  9. 9. Portable Charger

    Since there’s not much to do, you’ll probably be on your phone/tablet/laptop a lot! You should board the plane with your chargers and devices all fully charged. When you’re waiting at your gate, sit by an outlet and charge them up before you get on.

  10. 10. Deodorant

    Planes are cramped, so it’s good to stay fresh, especially for long flights. This one’s easy to forget so make sure you throw it in your carry-on.

In short, take things that you would usually do in your free time and your flight will be over before you know it. For example, if you aren't a big movie watcher, take a sketchpad instead if you like drawing. Also, be certain that anything mentioned above, like lotion, is travel size (100ml or less). It's worth the extra planning and carry-on to be comfortable on long flights, so take time to take care of yourself!