10 Curly Hairstyles for Winter

It's that time of the year again! Leaves are falling, we start to wear our cute fall/winter clothes, our drink choices turn warmer and the weather starts to drop a couple of degrees. For us, curly girls, our real nightmare here is having to wash our hair. Especially if you are like me and love to air dry. Who wants to walk around with a wet head when it’s 20 degrees outside? No one. Absolutely no one.

Remember it’s cold and windy outside. Most of the time the best way to prevent your precious work from getting ruined is to style it. Curly hairstyles can sometimes be hard because –let’s face it– your hair is most probably going to be very tangled. However, we have got you covered with 10 curly hairstyles for this time of the year! You can wear them on their own to avoid your hair getting in your face, or to be able to wear a headband or a beanie without your curls being affected by it!

1. Trusty Twists

Image courtesy of The Right Hairstyles

Twist-outs are great because they can be very versatile. Just separate your hair into neat small sections and twist! You're going to want to use a leave-in curling conditioner and oil to seal the moisture in. If you have thick hair, first, separate your hair into 6 sections and then continue to subsection each of them. If you make your twists about the thickness of a pencil, they should last you a while.

2. The Twist Out

Image courtesy of brosiaaa on Instagram

So basically we are talking about twists here as well, except, now you take them out. Put some oil on your hands so that you don’t create frizz when taking your twists out and have at it! This can then be styled in a variety of ways. If you want extra volume, continue to separate your twists after you take them out. If you want more definition, use gel and don’t separate the twists as much. Have fun!

3. Stylish Side Braids

Image courtesy of Margarita Maria on Pinterest 

Image courtesy of African American Hairstyles

Now, if you put a lot of effort in styling your hair and your curls still look BOMB but you want to wear a beanie or you just want to avoid it getting everywhere with the wind, this hairstyle is perfect for you. You just have to pick a side and start braiding. You can do either Dutch or French, whichever is your favorite! Make two to four braids, depending on how thick your hair is. Hold the braid to your scalp using four fingers, and tie it with an elastic or clip halfway through. Let the rest stay curly. Be sure to use a lot of leave-in conditioner and a little bit of gel to make the braids last for days and if you like, you can grab an old toothbrush and a little bit of wax or gel and style your baby hairs.

4. Double-Side Little Braids

Image courtesy of Lana Summer on YouTube

This one is another super easy, beanie-friendly hairstyle! You just need to part your hair in the middle and do a little regular braiding all the way down on each side so it isn’t too voluminous in the front and it's easier to wear any hats.

5. Front Pulled Back and Low Bun

Image courtesy of chelliscurls on Instagram

Do you want your hair off of your face and your neck? Then try this hairstyle, which is also super simple. Separate the front section of your hair, make a part down the middle and twist those two sections. For a neater look, you can do flat twists. Then grab the rest of your hair in the back and pull it up into a bun. Just like that, you're done! Easy!

6. Half-Up Space Buns

Image courtesy of Goldplaited on Pinterest

If you want to have a fun look but still show your curls to the world, this one is perfect for you! You only need to part your hair in the middle and do two little buns in each side on top of your head and let the rest down.

7. Half-Up Twists and a Bun


Image courtesy of Voice of Hair

This hairstyle is similar to number 5. However, instead of pulling your hair up into a bun you can leave it all down. You can do two twists like pictured here with a center part or you can do more, it’s up to you! Super simple and faster than the other one!

8. French Braids With Ends Out


Image courtesy of latoya_the_natural on Instagram

This hairstyle works with short, medium, and long hair. If you have short hair you'll probably need to make your puffs on the top of your head instead of at the nape of your neck. Simply split all of your hair down the center of your head. On either side do a large French braid until you reach about your ear. Then grab an elastic and tie off the braid. Now use the curling cream or gel of your choice and get those curls popping.

9. Braided Low Double Buns

Image courtesy of MB on Pinterest

Buns and braids: the best of both worlds. For this hairstyle, you only need to divide your hair into four sections and braid them. Then, with the two braids of each side, you do a low bun on each side to end up with a cute and protective hairstyle. PLUS, this one is beanie-friendly too!

10. Big Double Buns

Image courtesy of jasmeannnn on Instagram

Finally, if your curls are not as defined as you would like them to be but you also want to look super cute with earmuffs or a warm headband, this is the perfect style for you. It is just two super cute big buns that will bring the Leia inside you to fight this cold weather.

Remember to create a better moisture foundation and leave a little more conditioner in your hair than usual during the winter to prolong the wear of your hair. This will load your hair up with hydration and help combat frizz from the dry heat. Day 6 curls are not impossible, gals. But don’t you worry, girl. There’s always going to be alternatives. If you like to or you are in a rush, you could blow dry it, just remember to use a hair dryer diffuser so you don’t lose your hours’ work of curls. But, if you still got time, you can maybe let it air dry a little indoors or do a twist out and let it air dry easily. Also, even though hot showers are Heaven on Earth during this weather, we implore you to PLEASE not let your water get too hot. You can get heat damage from a hot shower. Try to keep the water warm to cool. Lastly, if you're going to wear a beanie, scrunchie, or headband, make sure that it is a satin lined one because they prevent frizz and breakage.

We hope these hairstyles and tips helped!