Your Guide to the Her Campus Holiday Survival Kit

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

And we’re back at it with the survival kits cause we all need a little pick me up to get through the last few weeks of the semester; especially during finals week because we all know that it really all comes down to that final week (no pressure). But have no fear because Her Campus Survival Kit is here.

First I want to congratulate you for making it through midterms, unfortunately that is not the worst of it. However with the help of our survival kit, you will get through finals. In our survival kit you will find a number of goodies, and here is how to best use each item:

We have a selection of tee-shirts from Le Motto with motivational quotes written on them, quotes such as: Less Drama More Karma (cause trust me we could all use less drama and more good karma… am I right?), Less Hesitation More Meditation, and Less Regret More Sweat (cause really stop regretting your poor choices, work out and clear your mind, it’ll pay off trust me). Remember that you can get through finals! Use these shirts to lounge around in, study in, work out in. Running late to your exam, throw this on and remind yourself to be confident and positive throughout the exam.  #ActuallySheCan

What could you use the Being by Sanctuary hand lotion for you say? Well quite frankly who doesn’t love some hand lotion; get those soft, good smelling hands? Especially during these frigid days, who wouldn’t want to have some hand lotion, it’s enough to brighten anyone’s day. Did I mention they smell great? Yeah.

You'll also find some Alba Botanica® fast fix for puffy eye which you might need when you cry the night before your final and you need to quickly fix yourself up so you can look like a human being the next day. Just a thought. You could also use it for any other day; maybe you didn’t sleep well and you look like a monster the next morning. Quickly dab on some puffy eye fix and you should be good to go.

While you're trying to get yourself together you can use the Tarte™ mascara you'll find in the survival kit to flash and pump up your lashes, because we all know the more confident you feel the more confident you are. Ace your exam and your looks.

Now lastly, you'll probably be looking at your survival kit wondering why we would have Krazy Glue in there... well the answer is you could use the Krazy Glue to put back together your life. That or anything that is broken: a ruler, a calculator, furniture, honestly anything.