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Why Dickinson is the Best Liberal Arts School in Pennsylvania

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Dickinson chapter.

Dickinson is an amazing institution with great academics, tons of opportunities to be involved on campus and so much more. While there are a ton of small liberal arts schools in Pennsylvania, here is why we know that Dickinson is the best!



Global Education

One of the best qualities about Dickinson is the school’s emphasis on study abroad. Most students study off campus for at least a semester and many for an entire year! Dickinson acknowledges how important it is to experience other cultures and consistently ranks in the top colleges and universities for study abroad. This is one of the reasons why Dickinson is the best!



Another aspect that makes Dickinson unique is its emphasis on sustainability. Just like with global education, sustainability is an area where our school is nationally ranked. Sustainable students and a sustainable school makes for a happy planet!


The Professors

Because Dickinson is so small, students really get to know their professors on a personal level. Students will babysit for professors and have dinner at their homes. Plus, a lot of seniors will admit to having at least one class of their senior seminar at the Gingerbread Man during happy hour!



If you have ever been on a tour of our school, you’ll know that Dickinson was the first college chartered in the newly-formed United States (1782, baby!). Because of this, there are a lot of old and really special traditions and urban legends at the school. Charter day, for example, is held annually and the school provides free barbeque and SWAG to students. What’s better than free food to a college student, honestly?


Great People

I have generally found in my four years here that students at Dickinson are some of the friendliest people! Everyone has something that they are passionate about and diverse interests that make them unique and interesting. I have made some amazing friends here and, as cheesy as it sounds, that’s one of the best parts about Dickinson!


These are only a few of the things that make Dickinson the absolute best! For all you Dickinson dorks out there, what’s your favorite thing about our school? Also be sure to check out our sister chapter, HC Gettysburg, to see why they think that Gettysburg is the best liberal arts school in PA!

Alexandra (Alex) is a Senior classics and religion double major and Campus Correspondent at Dickinson College. On campus, Alex is a first-year mentor, plays club sports, and is an active member of Kappa Alpha Theta. In her spare time, Alex is a self-confessed Food Network junkie and shopaholic. After graduation, she would love to work at a magazine or a PR agency. You can find her on instagram and twitter at @astagsss.