Veronica Danko '20

Despite having arrived at Dickinson just over a month ago, it’s safe to say that Veronica Danko has already made a mark on the Class of 2020. As the newly elected president of the first-year class, Veronica is excited and determined to make the freshman class feel more at home on campus. Known amongst her peers as a down-to-earth, friendly individual who puts everyone at ease, Veronica is definitely one collegiette to watch as she begins her journey at Dickinson.

Name: Veronica Danko

Hometown: Princeton, New Jersey

Graduation Year: 2020

Potential Major: Political Science

Potential Minor: Undecided


HC: Congratulations on the recent election! What made you decide to become involved with Student Senate at Dickinson?

VD: Thank you! I decided to become involved with the Student Senate because I knew that Dickinson prides itself on having a shared government system and gives students a real chance to have their voices heard [on campus].  I met so many students upon my arrival at Dickinson, as well as during my campaign for president, and the more people I got to know, the more I realized that I wanted to represent my class and help their first year go as smoothly as possible.  


HC: What is your vision as president for the Class of 2020?

VD:  To be honest, I think it is tricky to say exactly what I want to happen for the class of 2020.  I have only been here just shy of four weeks, like the rest of my class.  I am still getting to know the ins-and-outs of Dickinson myself. [T]hrough student senate and town hall meetings, [I am becoming] familiarized with how the school functions in terms of finance, student life, operations and faculty and staff.  However, I think my vision, or goal for my class, is to have all of us feel comfortable here at this school, and for everyone to feel like they belong here.  That means that if there are students who feel that their needs aren't being met, or they don't feel welcomed in spaces amongst campus, I want to attend to those needs. [I want to] help those students feel like someone is on their side, listening to them.


HC: Do you have any tips for students who want to run for a senate position in the future?

VD: I think for anyone who is interested in pursuing a position on student senate, it is important to get to know the student body, particularly the members of your class.  Going around campus during orientation and the first weeks of school and getting to know everyone really helped me [to] assess and understand the different types of people [here and the school’s environment].  I would encourage anyone running for any position on senate to get their face out there by interacting with as many different students as possible and developing close relationships with the people you are representing.


HC: What made you choose Dickinson and what were your first impressions of the campus?

VD: As cheesy as this sounds, I chose Dickinson because it just felt right.  Around this time a year ago, I was genuinely considering whether or not I even wanted to attend university the following year.  I didn't really have any favorite schools on my list. Even after visiting a handful of colleges on the east coast, none of them felt like they would've been a good fit for me [...] except for Dickinson.  When I toured this school last summer, I felt this small but present sense of comfort.  The campus felt like the perfect size for having the space to explore, while still feeling like a community.  For that reason, among many others, I was drawn to the school, and the longer I thought about it during my senior year of high school, the more I wanted to attend.  Once I [was] accepted, it was a no-brainer. 


HC: Which activities are you most excited about becoming involved with while in college?

VD: I recently joined the Syrens, an all female-identifying a capella group on campus, and I have been enjoying it so much.  The people in the group have been extremely welcoming and fun to work with. It feels nice to be able to dedicate some of my time to singing, something I have always loved doing.  [I am also involved with] Student Senate, of course [and am] looking forward to learning more about the school, [being] class president and the ways that change can occur effectively on campus.


HC: As you know, Dickinson is looking for a new president of the college. What type of change do you hope to see the next president to bring to campus?

VD: I think our next president should be someone who understands the inner workings of the school and knows what the school has at its disposal. [I] also think it is crucial that our next president be someone who is unafraid to connect with the students and explore student spaces on campus. Essentially, I think our next president should know the school on a personal level, not just through the lens of the administration.


HC: Give us a fun fact that most people don’t know about you.

VD: My go-to fun fact is always that I can juggle!


HC: Where’s your favorite spot to hang out on campus?

VD: I don't know if I have developed an attachment to one particular spot on campus just yet, but this past Friday I was sitting in Britton Plaza with some friends of mine and the weather was beautiful. There was hardly any traffic or bustle of people walking through, just students scattered amongst the tables, either talking or doing homework.  It was really peaceful and, although I don't know if it's my favorite spot, I can definitely understand why it is a campus favorite.


HC: What’s the last TV show you binged watched?

VD: I think it was probably Shameless (US) on Showtime.  It's a fantastic show and it's my favorite, everyone should watch it.


HC: What were your “first-year fears” upon your arrival to campus and how did you overcome them?

VD: To be honest, I can't really pinpoint any fears that I had upon my arrival to campus.  Everything happened so fast; moving-in, meeting new people, getting myself organized in a completely new environment.  Orientation was kind of a whirlwind, but I feel good about everything.  I have really wonderful friends here, have had a lot of fun, and have been enjoying my classes.  [As] of right now I am enjoying life here too much to be homesick yet!


HC: Finally, the most important question of all…Leo’s or Massey’s?

VD: I am ashamed to say that I have not yet been to Leo's, so I cannot chose between the two.  I have been to Massey's though, and it was pretty phenomenal.