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Top 10 Things to do to Procrastinate Writing Your Paper

Top 10 things to do to procrastinate writing your paper.


10.) Go to the gym. Work out and pretend that you don’t have work to do!

9.) Do laundry. You’re being productive, right? So technically you aren’t procrastinating, you’re working your way down the to do list. Struggle for 10 minutes with the new laundry app.


8.) Watch a documentary that is vaguely related to your paper but not enough that you can actually use any information from it.


7.) Go to a lecture for another class. You get extra credit sometimes. Also, it’s probably super interesting!



6.) Cook pasta. This is a pretty simple feat to accomplish, however you can take up extra time if you do the dishes.


5.) Cry in the library. Bonus points if it is due to the topic of your paper. Double bonus points if someone from the circulation desk asks if you are okay.


4.) Go to the farmers market! Wednesdays from 5-7! Get veggies to put in the pasta you make!

3.) Help a friend edit their paper. This is a good deed and technically is paper-related.


2.) Have a glass of wine and think about the paper topic. But then you will probably get distracted. Which is the point of procrastination!


1.) Write a Her Campus article. More bonus points if you write about procrastinating!

Seriously good luck with all your papers, don’t follow in my footsteps. Say no to procrastination kids!

Isabel Figueroa

Dickinson '19

Isabel is a Senior at Dickinson College. She loves finding humor in humanity, old treasures in antique stores, and new ways to eat almond butter.
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