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@TheEllenShow, Please Come Speak at Commencement 2021!

For those who do not know me personally, I am obsessed with Ellen DeGeneres. At the beginning of the school year, I started making daily videos asking Ellen to come speak at Dickinson College commencement on May 23, 2021 (my graduation date). I tried to be creative, but every now and then I would be lying in bed and would just plainly asking Ellen to come to Dickinson. I figured that if I was persistent enough, Ellen would finally hear my request and be our commencement speaker. I had several short videos saved on my phone and I was running out of storage so I began submitting the videos on Ellen’s website. I guess it would have been in my best interest to submit the videos daily rather than trying to submit them all at once, but long story short, Ellen stopped accepting my videos. Unfortunately, they did not fit the video themes that I would submit them to and so I was no longer allowed to submit them. I will admit that this was totally my fault and I probably should have thought this through more. I figured I might get temporarily blocked, but I could not find a way for her to see my videos. I did consider posting to YouTube until my friend Alex Loh suggested I start a Twitter and tweet Ellen daily.

It has been 66 days since I first tweeted Ellen. I have sent a tweet every day. She has not made it known that she has seen any of my tweets. I figure that I am giving her plenty of time to put it down on her calendar or contact Dickinson about speaking. If Pierce Brosnan can come speak at commencement this year, Ellen can certainly come in 2021. If you would also like Ellen DeGeneres to come speak at Dickinson College commencement on May 23, 2021, follow me on Twitter @Annalee531 or use the #EllentoDickinson in hopes that she will see these tweets.


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