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The Strong Women of “Jessica Jones”

Jessica Jones season two premiered on International Women’s Day, this year, for one simple reason. The women in this show are badass by nature and to honor the second season, I’d like to highlight the women of Netflix’s Jessica Jones.

Jessica Jones

The PI herself, is the most badass of them all. She’s got super strength and uses that to help aide her detective work. Locked doors can’t keep her away from the secrets people are hiding. She’s brash and unapologetic in every way possible. This is what makes her the best private investigator in New York. Jessica Jones is a woman you don’t want to mess with.

Trish Walker

This former child star turned radio talk show host is Jessica’s partner-in-crime (fighting). She’s always looking out to do good and protect the community. Trish is there to be Jessica’s moral support and guide. She often has to keep Jessica in check when things get out of line, but they look out for each other.

Jeri Hogarth

The most cutthroat lawyer this Marvel Netflix series has to offer is badass in her own right. While she may prefer winning a case over a fair trial, Jeri makes sure all her clients win as much as she does. She helps Jessica with legal matters, like getting arrested, and doesn’t take her crap. Overall, Jeri compliments Jessica because they both have that no-nonsense attitude. This is why they work so well together.

Claire Temple

Claire is featured in all the Marvel Netflix series and proves herself every time to be just as strong as our heroes. She is just as much a part of the action as she fights bad guys too and provides medical and emotional support when necessary. Claire isn’t afraid to throw herself into dangerous situations and this makes her just as worthy to be in this list of kickass women, because she too is a hero.


While the second season has been out for a minute now, these characters still prove to be role models regardless of the time. We can all learn a thing or two from the women of Jessica Jones.



Julia Mercado

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