The Snapchat Upset

Most of us remember when Snapchat got rid of the Top 3 Best Friends feature and the whole world flew into a rage.  It took some time, but we got used to it.  Then, they brought the Discover page and people had things to say about that too, but again, we got used to it. Well yet again, Snapchat has let us down with their latest update.  And this one is the worst of them all, especially since they did it without our consent.  So even if you may not have manually updated the app, the app now automatically updates so there’s no avoiding the impending doom (and complete confusion).

The Snapchat update altered the organization of the story and discover page while friends and stories and group chats appears separately from the discover page. This change was supposedly done to make it easier for people to find stories, but in reality, it has made everything harder. Not to mention how the names and people keep shifting based on who puts a new story on. So you either have to scroll through to find a specific person or search them just to send a Snapchat.  All I’m saying is, no one likes this new update, and I am confident I’ll never get used to it. Please, for the love of God, change it back!

Here’s a petition I found online to get rid of the new Snapchat: