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Senior Spring as Told by Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Winter break is over and you’re excited to get back to school and see everyone


That is until you realize that you will never have a “winter break” ever again


Classes start and you realize that finding motivation is harder than you anticipated


Especially when Karaoke is on Thursdays and you absolutely can’t miss it


Even though you know you might feel a little something like this the next day


There’s that one friend who keeps reminding everyone how many days are left until graduation


Grad school apps and/or job hunting have you stressed out and maybe feeling stretched thin


Whenever someone says the word “graduation” you cringe a little bit


And saying “let’s just drop out” or “maybe I’ll fail a class and stay an extra semester” isn’t always 100% a joke


But ultimately you still try to make the most of senior year…


… because it’s your last semester of college and it isn’t over till it’s over

Alexandra (Alex) is a Senior classics and religion double major and Campus Correspondent at Dickinson College. On campus, Alex is a first-year mentor, plays club sports, and is an active member of Kappa Alpha Theta. In her spare time, Alex is a self-confessed Food Network junkie and shopaholic. After graduation, she would love to work at a magazine or a PR agency. You can find her on instagram and twitter at @astagsss.