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Political Science Department and SLCE Host Bipartisan Debate Watch Party

Politically-minded students gathered last Monday in Anita Tuvin Schlecter auditorium (ATS) to watch the first presidential debate between nominees Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. The watch party was a bipartisan event hosted by Student Leadership & Campus Engagement (SLCE) and the political science department. The night started with political science professors and campus deans giving speeches about the election. The focus of the night was on education and remaining unified as Dickinsonians despite political differences.

Both Clinton and Trump supporters attended the event. The atmosphere of ATS was very engaging because everyone was reacting in real time. Students were clapping and even laughing at various points during the debate.  Watching a presidential debate in a large auditorium with a few hundred people is definitely a more captivating experience than watching it alone.

Dickinson College senior Krysti Oschal ‘17, president of the Dickinson College Republicans, told us,  “The debate watch was definitely a success! A few hundred students came to ATS to watch the debate. It was great to see so many members of the Dickinson community come together for the event and I’m looking forward to the next debate watch party.”

Dickinson’s political science professors felt that the event went well. Professor of political science, Kathleen Marchetti, told HC Dickinson, “The debate watches are a great way to for students to stay informed about the presidential election and be involved in the democratic process. Watching the debates in a group format helps spark conversation between peers and demonstrates the need for understanding of political differences across campus. In addition, there are many connections between the issues discussed in presidential debates and the topics students are learning about in their classes at Dickinson.”

With the election approaching, it is an exciting time to be an American college student. For most students, it will be the first time that they are eligible to vote in a presidential race. It is important to stay informed on both candidates and attending the bipartisan debate watch parties is a great way of to do that! SLCE and the political science department are hosting upcoming debate watch parties, including one on Tuesday, October 4th in ATS. Be sure to check them out to stay informed this election cycle!


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