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I’ve always been one to be willing to try new beauty products, but rarely find myself delving into companies whose ingredients transgress from other countries. The Her Campus Spring Break Survival Kit comprised of sample products from Innisfree Skincare. The five-step survival kit was one I was definitely eager to try out!


Innisfree creates products constructed from all natural ingredients from the Jeju island in Korea. All of the products and strategies that go into production, allow for preservation of the natural environment, while also providing nourishing and refreshing skin care and beauty products for people around the world.


Step 1: My real squeeze mask, a biodegradable face mask that comes in many different scents. An easy use, simply begins with carefully opening the packaging, avoiding tears, placing it on your face, leaving it for 10-20 minutes, and patting in the leftover residue from the mask.


Step 2: Intensive hydrating serum with green tea seed, which mixes green tea extract and seed oil, keeping hydration within the face to replenish moisture within to the skin.


Step 3: Intensive hydrating eye cream with green tea seed, made to moisten the area around the eyes. By carefully and gently applying a small amount to the eye area, this delicate area is easily softened and hydrated.


Step 4: Intensive hydrating cream with green tea seed, ensures that after hydrating and moisturizing your skin, it stays that way. This cream helps to maintain and retain moisture resilience.


Step 5: Daily UV protection cream, is a sun protection cream made with sunflower seed oil and green tea extracts to protect the skin again UV rays, while maintaining hydration to ensure a fresh and succulent finishing look.


In completing all five steps included in the Spring Break Survival Kit, I was very pleased in how my skin felt for the next couple days, and made sure to use more samples, to keep the hydrating feel and look.

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Odessa Elmore

Dickinson '21

is a current sociology major, interested in working on policy changes in education and health.
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