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How to Make Group Projects Manageable

Everyone knows that group projects can be annoying. From being forced to pull the weight of a slacker to managing group meeting times, working with others is no easy task. However, there are some ways to increase productivity in a group.


Delegate Work Evenly

Making sure that every group member contributes fairly to a project is crucial. Make sure that no one person receives too much of a workload by laying out a master sheet of delegations. Assigning each group member to research their own set of material is optimal because it ensures that everyone is contributing to the core labor of a project.


Plan Effective Meeting Times

Although individual work is important, a project can’t get done without meeting as a group. As a rule of thumb, meeting at least twice in person is a good way to ensure that a project is completely collaborative. At Dickinson, the Biblio Café (Biblio) in the library is a common place to meet for projects, as it presents an open space with tables and the ability to talk without disturbing quiet studiers.


Share Project Notes Effectively with HouseParty!

When meeting in person isn’t possible, there are ways to send information to your group members easily. HouseParty is an app that allows users who are in the app at the same time to communicate with each other instantly! HouseParty is gaining popularity in schools throughout the country because it allows students to seamlessly conference with each other about schoolwork or for social purposes. I downloaded the app to check it out, and I was thoroughly impressed with its ability to let me chat with my friends and classmates conveniently.

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