How to Immerse Yourself with Music



      Have you ever been to a coffee shop where the surrounding space, instead of being completely quiet, is filled with melodious music from their old radio? It could be a ballad song, a piece of soft piano music or any kind of music that keeps your mind calm and help you focus at best on what you are doing. The sound from the radio, mixing with the noise from the coffee maker, the voices of people talking, the tip-tap of people’s footsteps draw you in and you know you love that atmosphere. You would sometimes take a sip of hot cappuccino or whatever drink that you are into, immersing into the music and so on, until you run out of time and have to go to the next appointment. 


     Or when it is rainy outside, you lie on your pillowy bed with all your body under your soft warm blanket and turn on your favorite piece of music out loud, no headphones used. The sound of rain pitter-pattering on the window, tapping on the leaves on the ground, blending in with your playing music is just so perfect for a gloomy day. 


            As we can see from those two scenarios above, music is even greater if it is played in a suitable environment. What I meant when saying “suitable” is that music playing in your favorite scenario. However, it is not always the case that you can listen to music at the coffee shop when it rains or even at the campfire. But, hold on. What comes next might be the solution to your problems. They are, instead of being just pure original songs, the edited versions in which the editors add some other background music to them. For example, the sprinkling sound of the rain, the daily sound at the coffee shop, or the sound of vehicles if you are outside waiting for the bus. Normally, the added sound would be changed to quieter volume, making the edited version so realistic. Therefore, you can simply stay in your cozy room, put the headphones on, and enjoy the scenarios that the audio brings to you. 


1.     we've never met but can we have a coffee or something (20mn extended) from In Love With A Ghost

As the title names, you would have a first-ever appointment at the coffee shop with a person that you have never met in person before. 


2.     Rain, Coffee and You [study/sleep/homework music] from Dreamy

The soft instrumental music is mixed with the sound of rain tapping here. It is one of the top options when it comes to studying for the exams and doing homework.


3.     scenerios ♡ from Lisyc

This playlist is specially presented to any K-pop fans who are reading this article. After clicking on the link, you can find more than just one scenario which are all creative, I would say. For example:

♡ When you are stuck on the highway under quite heavy rain.

♡ When your surroundings are drunk Koreans.

♡ When you are on a winter train leading nowhere.


4.     sometimes the person you really need is the one you didn't think you'd want from Feardog

When you are listening to this, try to think of all of the people who are really important to you, i.e. those who never leave you when you are lost and stuck, those who are ready to be by your side no matter what, those who make you realize your true self and that you are precious, are talented, are worth being loved. And, please treasure them as the way they did to you.


5.     Excuse me, why are you so cute? from relief

The moment you met the love of your life – “Oh my god, how can you be that cute?”


There are a lot more scenarios that have already been created on Youtube. You can find more of them from the channels in those links that I have listed above. Further, when you finish listening to some of those audios, you can see a lot more audios of those kinds being suggested to you. I did take me a long while to collect my favorite music with scenarios from a variety of channels. But now, if you just end your long day of studying and working, and feel so exhausted, pleaser grab your headphones and turn on the first audio that I mentioned above. It will calm your mind. I promise.