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How to Help Hurricane Harvey Victims

Hurricane Harvey, the category 4 storm that recently devastated Texas, deposited most of its more than 30 inches of rain on Southern parts of the state[1]. With many casualties, countless injured and hundreds displaced, you may be wondering how and where to help communities affected by the worst storm to hit the United States in more than a decade[2].

Donations to those affected by Hurricane Harvey are not limited to money. On campus, Center for Service, Spirituality and Social Justice (CS3) has organized a cleaning supply drive. If you would like to donate, you can refer to this list and drop supplies of at the bin in the bottom of the Holland-Union Building. Supplies from this drive will be taken to Mission Central in Mechanicsburg where they will be shipped to United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) and distributed among the most-affected areas[3].

The following list is for anyone who would like to donate directly to those impacted by the tropical storm but are wary of donating to the Red Cross due to its questionable use of funds[4] [5]; and for anyone who would like to donate directly to marginalized communities who may not be receiving the aid that they need to evacuate or rebuild after the category 4 storm:

  • Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund, created by the mayor of Houston, Sylvester Turner, is accepting tax-deductible donations online and by texting HARVEY2017 to 91999
  • The Black Women’s Defense League is a Dallas-based organization working with Houston activists to determine what underserved communities need. They are accepting monetary donations and necessities
  • Living Hope Wheelchair Association has been organizing direct rescues of populations with spinal cord injuries and other disabilities since the hurricane made landfall
  • RAICES is a Texas-based nonprofit legal advocacy group that is collaborating with Texas shelters to find housing for women and children stranded by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) after being released from detention centers
  • The Transgender Foundation of America has created a relief fund in the Houston-area for trans and intersex people, two populations that are often turned away from shelters during disasters
  • Portlight is coordinating specialized disaster relief efforts for people with disabilities who have medical needs or require shelter as a result of Hurricane Harvey
  • Texas Diaper Bank provides emergency diaper kits for babies, seniors, and people with disabilities (because diapers are not distributed by relief agencies!)
  • The Homeless Period Project of Austin is distributing tampons, pads and other period-related items to those displaced by the storm
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