Good for the Soul: Puppy Hugging

In the beginning of March, the Dog House – a student-founded organization on Dickinson’s campus that helps to train the next generation of service dogs – welcomed the “L litter,” which they are in the process of whelping. There are seven puppies currently on campus: SSD Louther, SSD Leo, SSD Langston, SSD Lentil, SSD Lava, SSD Linus and SSD Lincoln.

While club and house members have been interacting with the puppies since spring break ended, the L Litter has yet to make their public debut on campus. With only a week left on campus (the pups leave on April 17th!), Dog House has been putting together events over the past few weeks for the Dickinson community to meet the newest additions to campus.

Dog House joined forces the Kindness Challenge to host an event on Sunday, April 8th which allowed for Dickinsonians to pay $5 for five minutes of puppy hugging.  Proceeds went to SSD (Susquehanna Service Dogs), the organization that Dog House partners with, and to the club.

“I'm really excited for everyone to meet all the puppies. I feel really fortunate to have gotten to know the puppies over the past few weeks. At this point, they all have personalities and little quirks and are so much fun.” Incoming 2017-2018 Dog House secretary Abbie Cottle ’20 said of the events taking place on campus. “Everyone who isn’t in the club has probably seen pictures by now, but it’s great that the larger Dickinson community has the chance to meet them. Puppy hugging is so good for the soul!”