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Welcome to a semi-regular series where I recap my visit to a European city with recommendations of the best activities I found. Semi-regular because I’m on a budget and I have class.

Today’s destination: Cardiff, Wales

1.Cardiff Castle

            The main attraction in Cardiff, this castle is so much fun to explore. There were many beautifully designed rooms, including a library that I fell in love with! The castle also had great views that made climbing the rickety staircase worth it.


2. National Museum of Wales

            This museum is perfect for all ages. The ground floor is all about history and animals and is great for kids with all the interactive exhibits. Meanwhile, the top floor is an art gallery, which ranges from Impressionism to modern art. They had a temporary exhibit called Swaps, which featured photographs form the collection of David Hurn, and I absolutely loved it. The museum also had a trio of Monet water lily paintings, gorgeous!


3.Cardiff Bay

            The bay is just a short bus ride away from the center of the city and is definitely worth the trip. The area is full of restaurants and shops and provides a gorgeous view of the water. It also houses the Roald Dahl plaza!



            Cardiff’s nickname is the city of arcades and with one walk around the city, it’s easy to see why. Down almost every passageway, there is an arcade full of shops and restaurants. I spent a lot of time wandering this area and tried my best to not spend too much money.



5.Try a Welsh cake

            If a pancake and a biscuit had a baby, it would be a Welsh cake. This dessert is a must have in Cardiff. Traditionally it’s made with currants, but any variation tastes delicious. I had them right off the griddle and it was amazing!




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