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The BuzzFeed Unsolved: True Crime Series

“The case remains unsolved”. This is what Ryan – the creator of the series always says at the end of every video where he and Shane, his co-host, narrate the case of a true crime that hasn’t been solved yet. Those four words above describe exactly the feature of those crimes that are brought to by in the True Crime Series. Yes, they are all unsolved since there are not enough clues to figure out who committed the crime. There are cases that even though many people are engaged in the solving process, but eventually, it is still impossible to find the root of the crime. 


What happens in each video is that Ryan and Shane would present to the viewers a famous unsolved crime that could happen at any time in the history of humans. First of all, Ryan would give a detailed context of the case, what happened, and who was involved. Then, they will move to the theories which, some people think, could be the key to the crime committed. What draws me in series is, first, the mystery of the case itself, and the way Ryan and Shane discuss it. Although the video sometimes brings a sense of goosebumps because of all the sound effects and the scary vibe of the crime itself,  the discussion from Ryan and Shane is most of the time humorous enough to make me temporarily forget about the fact that I am really watching a scary true crime. In other words, the videos from the True Crime Series of BuzzFeed Unsolved are a mixture of fascination from the unsolved cases and the attraction from the way Ryan and Shane see the crime.


I usually watch this show with my friends on Friday night, when we just finished a long week of studying and working. While it is a little scary to watch it alone, enjoying this show with some of your friends would make you feel more safe and cozy. 


The BuzzFeed Unsolved Network: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKijjvu6bN1c-ZHVwR7-5WA

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