Astrology 101

It wasn’t until this past summer that I really understood the many meanings of astrology. My whole life when people asked what my sign was, I always responded with, “I’m a Taurus,” later to find out there’s more than just one identifying sign.


As astrology seems to be becoming more of a trend, I decided to learn more about certain aspects of astrology signs in general. I learned that everyone has a sun, moon, and rising sign, which all represent different aspects of a person based on their birth chart, however, most people only know of their sun sign.


The sun sign is a representation of the center of who you, the core of who you are. In general, the sun sign represents an individual’s life force, spirit, intellect, and identity. That being said, the sun is an overarching picture of who you are.


The moon sign is a representation of the under-the-surface, emotional, and private aspects of your personality. The moon sign expresses more of the hidden aspects of your identity and personality, and often tells us a lot about how we process and deal with our emotions.


The rising sign represents more of an outer self. This can include acts we put on when we first meet someone in order to protect ourselves, or information on ourselves and how we adapt to change and new situations. Rising signs, therefore, represent the physical aspects that we project immediately to other people.


To find out what your sun, moon, and rising are, use this website or any other free website:


To learn more about what your signs actually mean, you can download the free app co-star.



Happy astrology hunting!