8 Things Anyone Who Hates the Cold Can Relate To

Ah, winter, commonly known as “the most wonderful time of the year.” Less commonly known as the months in which I repeatedly ask myself the same question: “Why do I live in the Northeast?” Even though the winter season has great aspects to it that we all look forward to –  Christmas! Cookies! Christmas cookies! – it  can also be pretty brutal here in the Northern states. If you’re anything like me, you’ll understand that after enduring nineteen hard winters of shoveling snow, you’d much rather be on a beach somewhere. With that, here are the eight struggles of winter, as told by your resident California girl-at-heart:

1. When the trek from your dorm/apartment to the Caf becomes a race straight out of The Hunger Games.

2. Getting out of the shower in the morning feels a little something like this:

3. Weekend plans go from this…

4. …to this.

5. Not to mention, it’s never been more difficult to wake up for early morning classes.

Adam Levine gets it.

6. Looking at posts from friends who go to Southern schools on Instagram…

7. …and sitting here in five layers of clothing in misery.


8. Fear not, collegiettes, the good news is that winter can also come with happier things, like warm blankets, hot chocolate and fireplaces.

And before you know it… summer will be on its way!