8 Important Resources at Dickinson


1. The Wellness Center

The wellness center at Dickinson encompasses the health center and the counseling center. If you are feeling sick or in need of a counselor, make sure to utilize the staff at the wellness center. You can call to get scheduled appointments with a counselor or pop into open hours (Monday-Friday 11-12 & 2-3) to talk to someone. You can also get birth control for cheaper and get tested for STIs. There is also a nutritionist at the center and free flu shots. If the wellness center is closed or you have a more complicated issue, consider going to urgent care or the hospital in Carlisle.

2. The Center for Advising, Internships, and Lifelong Careers

This new center combines the former office of academic advising and the career center. Here you can get help declaring a major, finding an internship or job, finding a career path, and get help with your resume. Also make sure to utilize Handshake to find jobs and schedule appointments.

3. The Writing Center

The writing center is great for going over your papers before you turn them in for grading. There also have a foreign language writing center. The staff here will help you with grammar, style, structure, and much more.

4. The Quantitative Reasoning Center

This is the place to go if you are having trouble with any QR course like economics, logic, and math.

5. Landis House

Landis house has many different resources. It has the women and gender resource center and CS3 (Center for Community Service, Spirituality, and Social Justice). If you are interested in getting involved in community service or spiritual life make sure to stop by CS3. Landis house also has the Popel Shaw Center for Race & Ethnicity.   

6. Academic Departments

Do not be afraid to reach out to your professors for help. They are here to help you! Make sure to talk to your academic advisor(s) about navigating your major(s).

7. Deans

Deans can help you get adjusted to life at Dickinson. If you make a mistake and get in trouble at Dickinson, make sure to reach out to your dean to discuss what happened and how to navigate the conduct process. If you have another serious problem, your dean is probably the person to go to.  They can help you with many things, so it does not hurt to ask.

8. Center for Disability Services

If you need academic, housing, or other accommodations this is the place to go!


This is by no means all the resources at Dickinson but these are a few that are definitely useful!