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Here are some tips and tricks for when the food in the caf isn’t your favorite.


Steam Your Own Broccoli

            Sometimes the broccoli in the line can get mushy when it sits there too long. So if you want something a little fresher, toss some raw broccoli from the salad bar into a bowl, throw in a little bit of water, and pop it into the microwave. The water will help steam the broccoli and it’ll taste much better than the stuff in the line.


Make a Panini or Quesadilla

            It’s great that the sandwich line is always an option, but if you want something different from the sandwich of the day, you can always make your own. I usually forget about the panini presses, but you shouldn’t. Make your own sandwich in the line and then pop it onto the press for something warm and toasty!


Utilize the Pasta Bar and Grill

            I love that the caf always has pasta as an option now at lunch and dinner. It’s nice to be able to get a bowl of pasta whenever I want. I like to grab a piece of grilled chicken and add it to my pasta for a more well rounded meal.


Make Nachos

            The caf now offers tortilla chips and cheese fairly regularly, so make your own nachos! Grab some toppings from the salad bar, a piece of chicken from the grill, and you’ll be all set for a delicious dinner.


Mix It Up

            This isn’t a caf hack per se but it’s something I love to do. If I feel like eating cereal for dinner, I like to mix my cereals. It’s always fun combining new flavors and it makes a seemingly boring bowl of cereal more interesting.



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