12 Puppy Pics to Brighten Your Monday

Just a bunch of puppy pictures to get you through the end of the semester. You’re welcome.


This little guy who’s ready to help you get through finals.


These two babies who have become the best of friends.


This lil pupper who thinks you’re disturbing his beauty sleep.


This goofball who’s ready for her close-up.


These two cutie pies who are ready for nap time.


This mini doggo who’s not quite ready to forgive you.


These two troublemakers who do not have time to be cuddled.


This tiny explorer who just set off on the most exciting expedition.


This teeny puppy who’s disappointed you’re not giving her enough snuggles.


This lil dude who’s super excited about the weekend.


This squishy smoosh who just woke up and is ready to play.


And lastly, this handsome nugget who’s coming to steal yo girl.


All of these puppies belong to Susquehanna Service Dogs and were whelped by the members of the Dickinson College Dog House!

All images courtesy of the author.