10 Time Management Tips for Finals Week

As you know by now, it’s that time of year again…

Yup. Finals. Which may mean a few things:

Here are some tips on how to balance your time efficiently for the final(s) push.

1. Go to the gym

I know this one is seriously overused, but at Dickinson, we have TVs on the treadmills and bikes, which is an incentive (and no excuse for not going to the gym) for relaxing and being active during exam week.


2. Make studying fun with colored pens and highlighters

‘Nuff said.


3. Mix up your study spaces

Getting tired of the usual view from the Lib? The basement in Althouse and the balcony in Rector are some great hidden spots.


4. Write out schedules.

Channel your inner-organization guru and make your plans for the day. Checking things off will help you stay on task.


5. Reserve library study rooms.

If you think finding a study room in the Lib is a pain during the rest of the semester, try finding a square-inch of space in the Lib during finals week. Reserve rooms ahead of time to avoid unnecessary stress.


6. Take smoothie breaks.

Get your fill of smoothies from The Juice Box before summer break!


7. Put your phone down.

Again, a cliché, but just do it. Put your phone far away from your study space.


8. Form productive study groups.

While your Froomie may be the funniest person you know, she may not be the best person to study with. Gather up a group that allows you to stay focused and get stuff done.


9. Eat right, but allow yourself to indulge a little bit


It may seem like you need to cram it all in one night, but trust me, you’ll thank me for this later. The more awake you are when you take the exam, the better.


Good luck, collegiettes! Remember, it’s almost summer!