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Is Your ‘Friend’ a Hater?

She never compliments you

Do you see your so called friend stare at you confuse when you know you look your best? Does she question your fashion taste or hair choose? If she really was your friend she would be the first one to gas you up and compliment you.


Criticizes everything you do

Does it seem like you can never do anything right around your ‘friend’? If she constantly has something negative to say about the way you dance or smile or laugh, then she has a problem with you. Friends do not criticize they give helpful advice. Your friend shouldn’t make you feel bad about who you are.  


Never invites you out sometimes

Does your ‘friend’ pick and choose which places to invite you too? Then uses lame excuses like ‘I didn’t think you would want to go’?. As friends, every outing one goes to the other one should automatically be invited. If your friend does not understand that, then what is she hiding?


She talks mess about other people


All girls talk about people here and there, however does your so called friend always seem to want to talk sh*t about others? Do you find yourself deep in conversation about a girl barely know? Your “friend” would rather talk smack about others than talk about anything else. Friends like that are toxic and would be the first one to throw you under the bus when things get ruff.


She tries to makes herself look better

Does your “friend” seem to always want to show off their perfect grades, or designer clothes? Does it seem like your ‘friend’ is fishing for jealousy? If your ‘friend’ is making you uncomfortable with her conceited and pompous attitude, maybe you should find a new friend.


Always has something mean to say

Not only does she love talking bad about others, your ‘friend’ seems to always have something mean to say about everything?  Do you really want to be around that negative energy?  When her mean comments are directed to you and you try to laugh it off, how do you feel later? Don’t be that girl.


She loves drama


A ‘friend’ that gets their excitement by drama should be a ‘friend’ you should stay clear from. Does she always seem to want to know more about other people’s drama? Or worse those she start drama to cause a reaction? Drama should be left on the stage and should not be something that occurs in your day to day life.

Raised in Queens, with a major in Mass Communication and a love for writing. Graduating in 2018 in hopes of working in Television production. I love reading novels, blogs and magazine articles. I'm completed addicted to TV Shows and my ultimate goal is to always have fun.
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