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Is Your Foundation The Right Shade?

Naturally, girls are geared towards make-up, I mean come on who isn’t attracted to a beautiful glitter cut-crease eyeshadow look? It can even make a unicorn cry. But after you finished being mesmerized by the eye look, you ever look at the person’s foundation and it looks like a mask? Trust me that was me at one point. So to make sure that you’re not looking like you’re wearing your Halloween costume too early, here just a few tips and tricks that will help you find the perfect foundation shade for you.

1. Know Your Undertone

Often times than not, many girls don’t know that you have to match your foundation shade to the undertone of your skin. So what is an undertone you may ask? An undertone is the color underneath the surface of your skin. Like you and your best friend may be the same skin tone but the undertones of your skin are completely different. She may be warm (yellow, peachy golden undertones) and you may be cool (pink, red or bluish undertones). There are three main different undertones: warm, cool, and natural (mixture of warm and cool undertones).


2. Know Your Shade

One of the main ways girls end up having a mask of foundation on is because it’s just not the proper shade. In order to avoid this, you want to match your foundation from your jaw to neck. Matching you foundation to your body’s complexion rather than your faces complexion because your body is naturally lighter than your body. After doing that you’ll have your perfect match.



3. Choose the Right Setting Powder

There are so many different face powders in the world of make-up. You can go for the powder making your foundation (assuming it is the proper shade of course) or you can use a translucent powder. Be sure to try the translucent powder over your foundation with the flash of your phone. Don’t want to look like ghost.



4. Trial and Error is Okay

Sometimes we don’t choose the right foundation even after we do the entire matching undertones and face to jaw foundation test. It’s okay. Before going anywhere in public, try the foundation on at home. Foundations can be a completely different color for what is in the bottle or compact. So if you get it wrong it’s okay just try again.

So I hope this had helped. Remember make-up is anything you want it to be and at the end of the day if you mess up you can always wash it off and start over so don’t worry your pretty little head.


Hello! My name is Janae Faison and I am I double major at Delaware State University as a English and Journalism major. DSU Chapter of Her Campus just like the rest of the site is meant to empower all young women who are in college. Enjoy the DSU Chapter of Her Campus!
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