What is Twitter?


When I first downloaded twitter, I was confused at how it worked, and thought it was useless. I’m sure a lot of people felt that way when they first downloaded it. After you create a username, password, set a profile picture, and header, you’re ready to go. There are six basic functions on the app. You can tweet (post), retweet, direct message, quote tweet, favorite/like, and the most recent function of bookmarking/saving tweets. If you’re a more private person, you can set your account to private and only interact with people you know.

It’s a good way to stay in contact with friends or interact with people all over the world. Some people have even become famous from the app, due to millions of retweets and likes. I would consider it an essential app because it’s a great way to network, share details of your life, and the occasional memes can brighten your day. There’s also the opportunity to educate yourself by participating in hashtags, keep up with the latest news and debating controversial topics.