WDSU Radio Station's Motivational Speaker

Meet the motivational speaker from Delaware State University's radio station, WDSU "The Hive!"

What is your name, major, and classification?


My name is Greg Patterson and I am a graduating senior, studying Mass Communication with a concentration in radio.


Where do you call home?


Well I grew up in two places, Harlem, New York and Raleigh, North Carolina.


Are you involved with anything on campus?


I am a manager in the radio station, work for intramural sports at the health and wellness center, film for football, and produce Carlos Holmes show “Inside Perspective.”


You seem to be very active on campus based on your roles in the radio station, sports, and television studio. Based on everything, are you known for anything?


I am most known for my fashion, being well dressed, being a motivational speaker, having a radio show, and being vegan.


The first thing you said was fashion and being well dressed, what would you say is your fashion style?


One word would be eclectic.  Eclectic because I dress whatever my mood is for that day.  At the same time, I put on outfits that nobody would try to wear and see what responses I receive.


You mentioned you were a motivational speaker, what inspired you to become one?


Nobody else is doing it, I can’t rap but I noticed people listen to me when I speak. So doing something good for yourself while listening to you speak encouraged me.


Not only does it seem you use motivational speaking and creativity through fashion,but I have seen a couple of your instagram live videos.  Can you tell me more about that?


I like the show authenticity within me and I feel like on Instagram you can feel the person's passion through the video.  You can feel my passion through the videos. I chose Instagram, because it’s a way to see you outside of school. I make my content relatable to the masses.


You said you had a radio show, can you tell me more about that?


My show was the G.P. Show, it focused on curating content to students around campus so they know we have entrepreneurs, fashion, rappers, and etc.  In one sentence, I focus on showing what your fellow classmates are doing.


Lastly, you mentioned you were vegan.  Are there any vegan stereotypes that you face and what would be your favorite meal?


There really are no stereotypes that I noticed, but I do get picked on for eating rabbit food.  Since being a vegan, I primarily eat fruits and vegetables, similar to rabbits.  I do cook a lot of food and try different things, an easy meal would be eating kale and asparagus.  Although my favorite meal is tacos, to make them I use meatless meat, kate or romaine lettuce, salsa, no cheese, guacamole, and tomatoes.


When you graduate in May 2020, what would be your dream career?


I want to be a reporter that goes into different neighborhoods and show their daily lives.  On the news and television they show stereotypes.  My main goal as a reporter would be to change stereotypes around the media by entrepreneurship, motivational speaking, and food.”


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