Surprise! These Travel Agencies Will Handle Your Traveling

Surprise! These Travel Agencies Will Handle Your Traveling

Traveling can be a little stressful. Between picking a location and picking flights to getting your clothing together, it’s a stressful period. However, a few companies are taking the stress out of traveling, and giving you the basic information, so that you can travel stress-free.


Pack Up + Go

Pack Up + Go is a traveling agency that was launched in December 2015 by Pittsburg, PA native Lillian Rafson. The company believes that traveling has healing properties. With Pack Up + Go, you answer a few questions about things like your budget per person, travel dates, and travel preferences. From there, the company books your travel and accommodations within your budget. A week before you’re set to travel, the company sends you an email containing the weather forecast, recommended items that you should pack, any luggage size restrictions, and where to go and when. A few days before you’re set to travel, you’ll get a nice little envelope in the mail, that you shouldn’t open just yet. Inside this envelope, you’ll find the details of your trip. This company has tons of positive reviews and is definitely worth trying. This company only does surprise traveling within the country. So, if there’s one city, or state, you want to check out this, company will make that surprise trip happen possibly. You can also gift a surprise trip as well. You can check out Pack Up + Go on their website:


The Vacation Hunt

The Vacation Hunt is a surprise travel agency that was founded by husband-and-wife team Jeff Allen and Roshni Agarwal. The Vacation Hunt was initially a side hustle for the couple. Through this travel agency, the couple plans surprise trips for you and your group. The pricing for the trips starts at $750 for two nights per person for trips within the country. However, if you’re thinking about taking your group out the country, trips start at $1,200 per person for three nights. Within these price ranges, flights, accommodations, and a list of daily activities for the duration of the trip are included. Similar to Pack Up + Go, you and your group will receive about two to three clues prior to traveling about the destination you’re heading to. Before you can travel, you have to fill out a questionnaire about places that you and your group have been to that you enjoyed, where you all have traveled to and didn’t enjoy, where you all travel to often, and what kind of vacations you enjoy. Once this information is submitted, they begin to work. They find you a location, based on your questionnaire, and things to do while there. They then send you clues and a week before you’re set to travel, you will find out your location. To book a surprise trip via The Vacation Hunt, you can check out their website:



Jubel is a company founded by Jose Pablo Toscano and Nicolas S. Bergengruen in September 2015. Jubel is slightly different from the other companies. In case of an unexpected event, they have a full team available 24/7 to handle those unexpected events. So, if your significant other or friend flakes on you, you won’t have to worry too much about your surprise trip. The company will handle your travel plans. Similar to the other sites, you will fill out a survey and tell your preferences for scenery, how nice of a hotel you want, and what kind of rental car you want to drive. With this company, you’re able to tell them just how much of the trip you want to be surprise. Jubel then calls you and talks to you about your budget, specific preferences, and time frames. Depending on what you say, Jubel will then send you two proposals that give extremely loose details on the descriptions and activities for each location and you then decide which one you like the best and proceed to putting your deposit down. Jubel is a scavenger hunt for your surprise trip. With Jubel, you can travel both internationally and nationally. You can check Jubel at their website:


Magical Mystery Tours

Magical Mystery Tours is a company recommended by Oprah. Magical Mystery Tours is a small Washington based travel agency. This company is similar to the other options listed. Once you decide that you’re ready for the mystery, you log on to the website where you take a questionnaire. You give them your desired travel dates, desired travel budget, and you tell them things you’re comfortable and not comfortable with like sand and camping. The company then handles everything from there. One week before you head to the airport, you’ll receive the weather for your mystery destination. A few days before you’re set to leave, you’ll receive a sealed envelope with your destination. It’s important that you don’t open it until you get to the airport. Inside the envelope, you’ll have the details on your destination, your reservations, and everything you’ll be doing. If you’re ready to have a little mystery in your trip, you can sign up for your Magical Mystery Tour at their website:


While this options might be a little pricey, it never hurts to give your parents, or friends and other family members, an idea of what to get you for graduation, your birthday, or a just generally nice vacation.