Student Spotlight: Stephan Shen


Student: Stephan Shen (Chinese: Er Shen)

Chinese University: Zhao Qing University

Where are you from: Chao Zhou, Guang Zhou Province, China

What is your city known for?

It is the most prosperous and has high living standards in China

Grade: Senior in China, Freshman in America

Age: 21


Favorite American Food: Steak

Favorite Place on Campus: Cafeteria and Library

Likes: Chicken

Dislikes: Carrots

Favorite American Word: Nice

Favorite state: Delaware

Is there less or more students in DSU?

More, around 25,000 attends his university

Favorite Sport: Dancing and Ping-Pong

Biggest difference in America: Money convergence

Favorite Class: Sociology

Was it easy making friends?

It was easy, but hard to make real friends

Favorite Social Media: Facebook, messenger, yelp, and google maps

Favorite Color: Red

Favorite Restaurant: Chinatown Buffet

Favorite Movie: Dumbo and Avatar