Spots on Campus To Take Senior Photos


Taking senior photos in our caps and gowns is a college tradition, so here are the best locations to take these photos on the campus of Delaware State University.


  1. 1. BOA (Bank of America Building)  

    The BOA has an amazing structure with columns in the front that are open and from different angles, it can look very versatile.  It also gives an older look, but some ideas would be standing in the center of the columns making it look symmetrical and shot from the camera looking upward.  We should not only focus on the outside, but the inside.  Due to the renovations, some cute spots are the stairs (under and sitting on them) and the couches.  

  2. 2. Circle in the Center of Campus  

    In the center of the campus, there is a spot that has DESU engraved on the ground.  With some different angles, some really cool photos can come out of it.  One idea is having the camera above the person and having them look at the sign.  

  3. 3. The Courts  

    This is one of my favorite places to take pictures because there is so much you can do.  Behind the courts, next to the sidewalk, there are the DSU letters in the ground.  You can take some great photos sitting on the steps with the campus setting in the background.


  4. 4. The Football Stadium (Alumni Stadium)  

    Before you walk into the stadium, there is the wall with a hornet and DESU sign.  What are great places to take a picture since it's where the ceremony takes place and where many of our events take place?


  5. 5. Flagpoles  

    A popular spot on campus where we are known for our diverse flags from different cultures and it represents our HBCU.  My favorite method is to stand near the gate entrance and you can get all the flags in, but why not try both angles.  From the gate and from the brick wall where we wait for the busses?


  6. 6. Red Picnic Tables  

    There are red picnic tables everywhere, my favorite location is between the Science Center and Library are very natural.  It has our universities colors and it would be a great color combination wearing your cap and gown.


  7. 7. Trees  

    There are many trees on campus, but I believe the best ones are in between Delaware Hall and Warren Frank is a group of trees.  They always have bright blooms, have a unique structure, and this is a great spot for not only senior pictures but other types.


  8. 8. DSU Brick Wall

    This sign is located on the brick wall when you enter through the main gate of the campus.  It is hard to get to if you are trying to go on top of it, but what better location will you find with a GIANT sign that shows our universities pride?  

  9. 9. The MLK (Student Center)  

    The student center is a popular spot for pictures due to its significance as the social hangout zone and with its versatile sides of the building.  There are pictures of alumni, glass windows, and a relaxing zone with picnic tables.  Why not recreate some of your favorite memories or group pictures?