Should You Act Single While In a Relationship?

Should you act single while in a relationship?

Doesn't’t it suck to know people who suddenly disappear into a new boyfriend's apartment every single night, only to come out when he’s busy, or when they broke up.  If you have really great friends, your partner won't feel the pressure to be everything.  "Popular culture romanticizes the myth of the one and only, both in mates and best friends," says Dr. Levine. "No one individual, neither a partner nor friend, can fulfill all of any one individual’s needs."

As fun as double dates are, you should also hang out with your individual friends one-on-one. Plain and simple, if your entire life is about your relationship, then a small fight with your partner can feel like the end of the world. But if you have great friends, a career you're passionate about then everything feels way more even. Spending nights on your own helps you retain a healthy bit of mystery in the relationship."Sometimes, pressure can come from a needy partner who requires constant care and reassurance," says Dr. Levine. "Or one partner may presume that being more independent might be hurtful to the other person."

You should never feel bad for time to be with your friends. If your relationship is strong and healthy, your partner should understand.