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Sarah McBride Could be the First Transgender Person in Congress

Sarah McBride wins Democratic Primary in Delaware

On September 15, Sarah McBride won the Democratic Senate primary for the state of Delaware. McBride received 90% of the Democratic vote in Delaware’s first District of Wilmington. McBride was the first transgender staff member at the White House when she interned under the Obama administration as well as the first transgender person to speak at a Democratic Convention in 2016. McBride ran her campaign based on better access to healthcare, paid leave, increasing the minimum wage, and criminal justice reform. If McBride wins her election in November she will become the first-ever transgender person to be a part of the United States Senate in addition to the first LGBTQ Senate member in Delaware. McBride is an inspiration to anyone in the LGBTQ community pursuing a career in politics. Furthermore, the transgender community deserves more representation in this country.  

This year’s election is more important than ever after the loss of the incredible Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Don’t forget to register to vote and show up for in November to vote for change.

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