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Try Not To Procrastinate

In college you will get multiple assignments and tests happening on the same day, the best way to avoid stress is to work on assignments as early as possible.


I know it may sound annoying to hear that word “network” every day of your life in college, but it is very true! Networking allows you to meet new people and gain  connections. This could be a path that leads you one step closer to your career goals. 

Go To Class!

Yes, it may sound like an obvious thing to do, but now that you’re on your own no one cares if you come to class or not. Some professors do take attendance and give points and some do not. If they do not go anyways you pay for the class get the most out of your money!

Get Out Of Your Room Aand Go Have Fun!

It definitely is important to study and excel in school, but it also is important to give yourself a break from school every once in a while.


The freshman fifteen is real! Go to the gym it is most likely free for students and keeps the extra pounds off.