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Pros and Cons of Graduate School

Graduation is approaching and some might be deciding on the next step. For some is going straight into finding you dream job and for others it might be going to Graduate School. Before you make the big decision in applying you must look at every possible angle to find out if this is the right choice for you. 

Pros of Graduate School

  • You get to focus on your area of interest

In undergrad you are forced to take general requirements which you dread and may hurt you gpa. Taking you masters mean focusing solely on what you want. You will honestly begin to enjoy your all courses for a change. Graduate school is full of passionate future leaders in your field, so creating relationships with your peers is essential.

  • An advanced degree separates you from job applicants with only a bachelor’s degree

While every job applicant only has a B.A, you’ve just bumped yourself straight to the top of the list with your B.A AND M.A. You are most likely able to get the job you want because of that higher degree. Earning a master’s degree will open up new opportunities. It expands your understanding and makes you a well-rounded job candidate.

  • You may make more money

Masters equal more money…… That’s it.

Cons of Graduate School

  • It’s expensive and could add to your debt burden

Some students already have debt from undergrad and to add more for Grad might just be way too much. By the time you get out of school, your peers could be earning the same salary as you, but you would still have two or more years of graduate school to pay off.

  • If you have to work while going to grad school, it can consume all your time (no social life)

So all your friends are taking a trip to Miami, sorry but you might have to miss it. Working long days mixing school with a part-time job will amount to a hard lifestyle. This is why it is important to be confident in your decision to attend graduate school.

  • You’ll lose years of work experience and income that you would get through a job

Oftentimes, employers would prefer to hire someone with years of experience in the field, than someone with a better degree.

It’s just really important to do all your research when deciding whether or not graduate school is the path for you. It’s never to early to begin your search. 

Raised in Queens, with a major in Mass Communication and a love for writing. Graduating in 2018 in hopes of working in Television production. I love reading novels, blogs and magazine articles. I'm completed addicted to TV Shows and my ultimate goal is to always have fun.
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