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Prep VBox Campaign

Prep VoxBox Campaign

I am so excited to share my wonderful experience of being selected for my first campaign with an app called Influenster.  I was a new member with no badges and I got selected out of everyone along with many others to be part of a huge campaign.  I had waited for my Prep Voxbox to arrive, once I got it I immediately started. Now you may ask what is a voxbox? Well a few get selected for a campaign and they send you a box with a list of seven products and in the box is four of the seven products.  I received this box and products complimentary for testing purposes. There are risks to this since I have sensitive skin and stuff, but its free and great promotion. So once you try the products, you take pictures and you go to the app and complete the tasks that is under each brand.  Some of the tasks that I had to do was post a photo of the product on my instagram, write reviews on the Ulta website, tweet something about the product, and more. SUPER EASY TASKS! If you complete all the tasks then you earn a badge! The more badges you have, you increase your chances of getting chosen for campaigns.  Plus it is easy and free to apply for this app! If you are interested you can follow their social media and my social media for any questions below:


Hi everyone, I am from the Lonestar state, go cowboys!  I lived in several places including some countries which I love writing about, along with writing about lifestyle.  I am majoring in Mass Communications with a with a minor in history! 
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