Places to Study Outside of the Library and Your Dorm Room

Bored of Studying in the same old places?  Here are four locations to try out on campus!  

  1. 1. Student Center (MLK)  

    The Student Center (aka MLK) has many places to study from the commuter lobby to the comfy chairs upstairs on the second floor.  There are vending machines in case you want snacks, the game room for a break, the convenience and book store, and restaurants downstairs in case you want a meal.  Plus if you don’t want to study indoors, there are the red tables next to the courts that are outside and you will still be in the shade with the overhang.  

  2. 2. Red Picnic Tables  

    There are so many places on campus where you will find a bench or the red tables.  These are great places to eat and study, especially if you like the outdoors!  Just don’t forget to bring some weighted things to block the wind.  Some of these locations are between the Science Center and Library, at the Student Center, and the benches are all around.  

  3. 3. The Courts  

    The courts (aka the outdoor basketball courts) is a great place, although when the sun is out students are usually socializing or exercising.  It can get loud but it is outdoors, there are the steps, and you get the campus feeling out there.  Maybe you will meet a new friend or find an activity you like on your break.  

  4. 4. Study Areas in the Dorms  

    Why not take the studying outside of your room and into the lobby areas in the dorm.  You can socialize, have a group study session there, and get some work done.  Plus you are still in your dormitory in case you need something.