I am reaching the most anticipated point in my entire life and I have never been more overwhelmed, anxious, and stressed out. I am finally going to graduate from college. Four and a half years later with many accomplishments under my belt, I feel more terrified than excited for my awaiting future to begin. I had forgotten the complex feelings, procrastination, and willingness to do nothing that senioritis brings. Just three short months away from the age of twenty-two, I feel less like the responsible, mature young adult that I am and more like a child who wants nothing more than to move in with her parents. I am constantly anxious about hearing back from jobs and decisions from college admissions that it makes me scared to even apply. What if I don’t get accepted? How will I pay back these loans? These are the scary questions that ponder in my mind at night as I dwell into the depth possibility that I might be a failure. I know that everything happens for a reason and that everything that is meant to be is already mine, but I wish out of all the years that I have dedicated to my higher education there would’ve been a class on how to deal with the overwhelming pressure of graduation.