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“The Opposite Twins” Niki and Gabi Demar

 Five years and still going, Niki and Gabi are twin YouTubers, known for being “opposite.”  They have 9.06M subscribers and are one of many twin channels.  What makes them unique is that they are “opposite” twins.  Niki’s style could be described as a revamped 70s tomboy, because she loves her color scheme, vibes, and style to be around an aesthetic.   While Gabi is a luxurious chick because she loves brands such as Victoria Secret, has a girlish style, and likes to try new things.  They had become famous from going on a talent show and learned they music was one of their passions.  Therefore they decided to pursue music and used YouTube as a primary platform.  They have so many different types of videos from sister challenges to promoting their music videos.  Therefore we decided to share a list of their different types of videos!


Channel Page


Before looking at their videos, you can see their brand on their channel page.  The cover photo shows the difference in their color scheme and photos.


  1. 1. Sister versus Sister Challenges  


  2. 2. Parody's  

  3. 3. Vlogs  

  4. 4. Twinter  

  5. 5. Opposite Twins  

  6. 6. Fashion  

  7. 7. Music  

If you like the twins on their combined channel, they have each created their own separate channels.  Where you can see their lives individually and how much they express themselves.