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No, I Do Not Have An Internship

No, I Do Not Have an Internship

By Shelynn Handy

These days I feel like there isn’t a single place I can go where someone doesn’t ask me what my plans are for the future. They always ask, “Well, what are you doing after graduation?” and “Are you going to graduate school?” and my favorite “Do you have an internship lined up?”. The last one really makes my head want to explode because everyone makes it seem like getting an internship is easy. It isn’t, and it’s especially hard for fashion students.

Trying to land and internship that makes sense for me has been impossible. There are so many fashion internships that require a lot of time, effort, and creative energy, but in return interns get paid in nothing but “experience”. Experience is important, but experience unfortunately cannot pay my bills, put gas in my car or food in my fridge. Experience would be great if it came with transportation, or housing, or meal vouchers like some business internships do, but these luxuries seem to be few and far between in the fashion industry.

These types of unpaid internships are not for people like me. The kind of people who don’t have family that can carry the cost of adulthood while they are gaining experience. I shouldn’t have to feel bad about choosing making money over gaining experience so no, I do not have an internship.  

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